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Gigolo Registration at Gigolo Club Mumbai Services is really easy just- Whatsapp at +91-9958552411

Are you a single woman, divorcee, or a widow tired of leading a dull, boring life without any romance or passion? Do you want to meet someone who will bring your wildest dreams and fantasies behind the closed doors, and social gatherings come true? Who will pay you undivided attention? Meet our partners, buddies, playboys, and gigolos at Mumbai Gigolo Club. We are one of the most remarkable online places where your wild fantasies will come true.

Mumbai Gigolo Club is a professional, discreet, and high-end established Indian Gigolo club based in Mumbai. We offer you the services of smart and young male models for high-class and high-born females. Our male escorts know how to satisfy our high-end clients. Our services cater to luxury resorts, nightclubs, hotels in and around Mumbai, and across all the cities in India. We ensure that our clients feel cherished, acknowledged, and fully satisfied with the extraordinary treatment that our Gigolos provide.

We pride in giving you complete service as well as the safety of the clients and the model. Our gigolos are medically certified and undergo regular health check-ups and screening.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. We are happy to fulfill your fantasy.

We Are Committed

Mumbai Gigolo Club is one of the top service providers in India, where we have been matching many successful men with our clients throughout the world. Many single men are joining this service to earn extra cash and learn the techniques on how to please women.

We have been providing service to wide range of lady clients and we assure you our male partners will satisfy you. Our male companions are capable of taking care of the needs of a single lady, bored housewife, a widow or any woman who is looking to have a passion filled encounter with a charming man.

Men can join us as we train you to become playboys and partners. At Mumbai Gigolo Club, every man is welcome. You do not have to be a hunk to become a Gigolo.

Women who are bored, lonely, experiencing unsatisfied encounters with men, register with us, and we will offer you the companionship that you have always been looking for. You can take our playboys and partners to any occasion or event. They know how to conduct themselves in public space and behind the close doors.

Companionship On Your Terms

Mumbai Gigolo Club is a place to find a new kind of relationship that can grow and form with time. Many ladies are looking for companionship that does not have the hassle or burden that comes with commitments. Mumbai Gigolo Club is where you can find a satisfying companionship that does not burden you with a couple's relationship.

Over the years, we have been satisfying innumerable customers all over India and have been receiving success stories. As a result, we are now one of the most established Gigolo clubs in Mumbai and India.

With us, you will get a balanced relationship where companionship meets passion. With our playboys, you will be comfortable. They will be your friend, companion, partner, and much more, who will satisfy all your needs.

Stop waiting any longer to join us now to find the person who make your wildest fantasy come true. We offer a wide range of packages and services. All you have to do is call us at +91-9958552411.

If you are planning to earn the extra buck, or learn how to satisfy a woman, get trained as a Gigolo. Contact us at +91-9958552411.

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Would you like to try every man's dream job? This could be your opportunity to enter the always interesting and often exciting world of the well-paid straight male escort.


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Unmarried 60%
Married 80%
College Girl 90%
Widow 75%


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At the other extreme, are women who are looking for nothing but for pure sexual pleasure. They have no qualms about what they want and they treat me like an object.



A gigolo is a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call.


Gigolo Club

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